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Probably you have already heard about smart home controls. What it actually means is,  a having the option of remote monitoring and controlling   any required item or equipment in your home normally through your smart phone or other internet enabled compatible device.
If you'd like to increase the comfort in your home and you want to have a greater control over your home, we are here to help you.  
There are great choices of different home control systems on the market, all differing from each other by price and quality. That's why based on our research, we have chosen to work with "Z Wave" technology and its compatible products, which have proven to be reliable and also fairly cheap compared to the competitors in the domain. Z-Wave has been designed from the ground up for residential and light commercial applications such as lighting control, thermostats, garage doors and access control, security systems, blinds and drapes, Internet gateways, PC applications, media center integration, and universal remote controls. Z-Wave products make perfect sense for today’s households—that’s why it’s the technology of choice for wireless home control.
Lighting One-touch control over any interior or exterior lights, with automated routines and customized ambient environments.
Home Entertainment Effortlessly controls multiple systems throughout the house, through walls, floors and cabinets.
HVAC Control and automated heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems all contribute to a maximum comfort and energy savings.
Safety & Security Z-Wave devices can activate other Z-Wave devices and notify the homeowner when security systems are tripped.
Windows & Coverings Operate motorized shades by remote control, or through commands from other Z-Wave devices.
Appliance Controls easily add kitchen, laundry, workroom and garden appliances to a home network.
Unlike conventional home control systems, which require a major up-front investment, Z-Wave is a modular technology.
​We can add as much or as little control to your homes as you like— and build up your Z-Wave capabilities over time!
We can install and set up a  Z wave system in your home,  that will allow you  to remotely control your lights, central heating, any power consuming appliance, DSC home burglar alarm system, doors can be locked or unlocked remotely, sensors can keep you informed about the temperature, humidity and light levels in required areas, Foscam IP cameras can be connected to the system that will be playing your eyes, that watch over your home no matter where you go. 
If you need further info on how the system would work or you have any other particular question, please call us or emails us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.