3.Electric power  shower 

 1.AQUALISA  shower controller 

   AQUALISA digital electric power shower

 3.Shower isolation switch 

   Electric  shower - 10.8kW

 3.AQUALISA  shower processor 

2.Electric power  shower 

 2.AQUALISA  shower head 

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   Other showers work samples 

   Electric Showers work samples

  Generally, when we mention electric showers, it is basically the water pressure, we want to improve. Electric showers in all their types have been very popular and preferred for a number of years. Depending on your requirements and water system arrangements in your home you can opt for a power shower, that normally requires a cold and hot water feeds and a low electric power (~0.3kW) to supply the internal pump, that boosts the outgoing water pressure. That shower type is most preferable in situations with indirect (water tank in loft) water system, due the   showers efficiency. Some of those such as "AQUALISA" benefit also from internal processor control, for increased precision on control side. If you’d prefer those showers, just bear in mind that     the quantity of hot water supply in dependent entirely on the volume of hot water cylinder in your airing cupboard.

Another shower option to choose from, is an electric shower, that requires just a cold water feed and is a good alternative in case of direct water system. Those showers require considerable electrical power (~10kW) to operate. In that scenario, there should be a dedicated electrical supply from house consumer unit to power up only the shower. Despite the high running costs, some customers prefer it, mainly because of the instant and unlimited hot water supply.

The other alternative in indirect water systems is a standard shower mixer with inline combined (hot and cold) water pump that boosts the shower outlet   pressure. The in line pump consumes on average less than 0.5kW, which do not require separate circuit to energize it. All shower set up scenarios mentioned above can be seen in the photo gallery.

Showers are normally installed in bathrooms and shower rooms. These locations are referred to as “special”, when it comes to electrical regulations and for that reason an extra safety requirements are imposed. 

No matter what the shower installation project will be, we can guarantee you, it will be installed as per the manufactures instructions and in compliance with BS7671 wiring regulations and part "P" of the building regulations.

Please see below samples of the shower installations, we’ve completed.

 2.Shower unit without lid 

1.Under  bath in line  pump for shower mixer

 1.Shower unit