1.2 During consumer unit installation

2.4 Meter tails replacement

2.3 New  AMD3 consumer unit

​enclosed in cabinet

5.1 Old consumer unit

1.6 New  AMD3 consumer unit

 with complete garage

power/lighting wiring in conduits​​

2.6 Main bonding

4.1 Old consumer unit

2.5 Meter tails replacement

   Project 6

1.5 New  AMD3 consumer unit​​

   Project 4

   Project 3

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 1.1 Old consumer unit

2.2 New  AMD3 consumer unit

​enclosed in cabinet

5.3 New  AMD3 consumer unit

   Project 1

3.1 Old consumer unit

6.1 Old consumer unit

4.3 New  AMD3 consumer unit with new meter tails

   Project 5

   Project 7

   Consumer Unit replacement​ Samples

7.2 New  AMD2 consumer unit

Consumer Unit or Distribution board is the "heart" of the electrical installation in your home, which on one hand provides power to the entire electrical load and on the other, it protects all circuits in fault conditions. That' why, it is recommended for it to be upgraded to the latest AMD3 one (Amendment 3 to BS7671), manufactured from non-combustible material and incorporating   dual RCD split load providing an additional protection in case of earth faults. Please, see below some of the CU upgrade jobs we’ve completed.

   Project 2

1.4 Meter tails plus earthing cable replacement

7.1 Old consumer unit

6.3 New  AMD2 consumer unit

 2.1 Old consumer unit

5.2New  AMD3 consumer unit

 1.3 Consumer unit with cables terminated

7.3 New  AMD2 consumer unit

4.2 New  AMD3 consumer unit

3.2During Replacement 

3.3 New  AMD3 consumer unit with conduit installation

6.2New  AMD2 consumer unit